A Peek Within Manchester Things To Do

A Peek Within Manchester Things To Do

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The announcement came hours after the New Hampshire Union Leader first disclosed that Gamache had been taken into protective custody by police the same Modern Tqm System Assets morning of the homicide, according to Manchester police arrest logs. Gamache, also of 534 Douglas St. was listed as arrested on charge of: Protective Custody (M), at 534 Douglas St., Manchester, on 3/28/2017 in the Manchester police log. Earlier Friday, state prosecutors could not confirm Gamache had been arrested or taken into protective custody. Thats not something I can comment on, said Assistant Attorney General Geoffrey W.R. Ward when asked about Gamache being taken into protective custody. Ward said the investigation into the homicide is very much active and ongoing but there is nothing I can comment on. Theres nothing I can say. Tuesday morning, Chafin died from multiple gunshot wounds, according to autopsy results. Chafin was the divorced father of an elementary school age son and had worked as a counselor to homeless and runaway teens.

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